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A note from Roxie and Joe Wood to our friends and customers,

November 19, 2013

We’ve Made A Huge Decision . . . .

just a few days ago.  It was a hard decision but one we really had no choice but to make.  The brick and mortar ThimbleCreek will close its doors at the end of this year.  BUT, ThimbleCreek will continue to be strong.  We will become even BETTER with more retreats, more shows on the road (hoping to somehow get to meet ALL of YOU in person!!!!), more NEW patterns and kits, and more unique, “one-of-a-kind” Block of the Month programs – just for YOU!!!!

We’ve been a brick and mortar shop for twenty years.  Starting in Walnut Creek, CA, in January of 1994, ThimbleCreek was a dream come true for Roxie.  I joined the business in January, 2002.  And, seven years ago we moved the shop from Walnut Creek to Concord because of an enormous rent increase situation.  That situation nearly put us out of business.
With current rent negotiations not working out for us, Roxie and I put our heads together and quickly decided we would refuse to just “go away”.  We quickly decided we did not want to go through yet another move again.  We quickly realized that we wanted to expand and grow the creative side of our work.  We quickly realized the website would become an even stronger link to YOU. 

And while we both will admit we have shed a few tears, we’ve also experienced new “highs” as we have realized that we will be able to do MORE than we have ever done in the past.  We are excited about the future!!!!  And that future includes YOU!!!

Writing The Gazette every Tuesday is a high point of my week.  It is a HUGE part of my week and I work hard to keep it fresh and interesting and, above all, FUN!!  That FUN will continue.  With reader-friends around the globe, I enjoy each and every moment of my weekly interactions with YOU! 

There is no way to replace the daily interactions we have with our customers in the shop.  And that we will miss.  We will miss the daily contact.  We will miss the camaraderie.  This cannot be denied.  BUT, this decision was, in essence, made for us.  And we are “glass is half FULLers”, we are the “make lemonade out of lemoners” type of people.  And our sad tears have already been replaced with tears of joy!  We know we will continue to interact with YOU!  We know our retreats will continue to be popular!!  We know we will have fun doing more shows!!  We know we will feel more fulfilled having the time we need to take our creative ideas and create MORE – all of this is just for YOU!!!

Roxie & Joe Wood, Owners

You can reach us by e-mail: Roxie , Joe: or give us a call (925)858-9074