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Cherrywood Goodie Bags

Price: $35.00

Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics . . .

Cherrywood Fabrics are hand-dyed, gorgeous fabrics!

Nothing compares to the soft feel of these fabrics. The base fabric is a high-quality unbleached muslin.  Multiple washings in the dying process result in a high thread count.  The unique colors have been described as muted, brushed, subtle, comfortable, earthy and rich.

Cherrywood Fabrics are the only hand-dyed quilting fabric that truly looks like suede.  The exclusive gradations are the inspiration for quilters around the world. Once you feel it and work with it, you will understand why Cherrywood is the leader in hand-dyed fabrics.

I have made up Cherrywood Goodie Bags – the fabric in each goodie bag is hand selected by me!  I have ironed and stacked 2+ yards of Cherrywood fabric in each bag.

The regular price of Cherrywood fabric is $20/yard – so the two-yard bag would regularly be priced at $40 + $5 shipping – 

The Cherrywood Goodie Bag is SALE priced at $30 + $5 shipping.

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