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Creature Features

Price: $23.50

"Don't stay up late, it's not worth it," Bob Wilkins warned as he leaned back in his yellow rocking chair, smoke wafting from his big cigar. But monster movie fans in Northern California stayed up with him every Saturday night anyway.

Creature Features made its debut on Channel 2 (KTVU) in 1971, and was an immediate success with its grade-Z horror films and Bob's dry sense of humor.  I loved this show – campy and fun! 

This is my homage to Creature Features and Bob Wilkins!  I used all blacks and greys to pay tribute to the early horror films like Frankenstein.  This will make a GGGREAT Halloween addition to your home!  I hope you will enjoy making this one as much as I did!!

$20.00 & $3.50 shipping!

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